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Understanding Car Issues

How To Replace A Power Window Switch On A Vehicle

by Micheal Barrett

If your vehicle windows fail to open, a power window switch may need replacing. Each window commonly has its own switch, but the driver's side has a lock-out switch that controls all windows. You should be able to replace the power window switch yourself by following these steps. 

Prepare to Replace the Switch

To replace the switch, gather:

  • work gloves
  • rags 
  • wheel chocks
  • needle-nose pliers (optional)
  • flat-blade screwdriver
  • small flat-blade screwdriver
  • cross-tip screwdriver (optional) 
  • socket and ratchet or set torque bit set (optional)
  • electrical cleaner

Try all window switches to find the faulty ones. A damaged fuse can be the cause of failed power windows. Turn the motor off, activate the parking brake, and place wheel chocks under the rear wheels. Prop the hood, and locate the battery, which is a black box, and disconnect the negative cable.

Inspect the fuse box for damaged fuses. The fuse box is commonly located behind a panel on the driver's side dashboard, or consult your manual. A damaged fuse will commonly have a burned wire or a cloudy look. If the fuses aren't damaged, proceed to replace the switch.  

Remove the Old Switch

On some models, the panel removes by pressing the tip of a flat-blade screwdriver around the seam. If the panel has torque screws or bolts, remove them with the correct torque bit or socket and ratchet, and set parts aside. 

Use the small screwdriver to depress or pull the locking tabs. Then remove the panel. Help pull the switch from the base with the pliers, if needed.

On some newer models and older vehicles, you will need to remove the inner door panel and handle. Pry the plastic cover off the handle with the flat blade screwdriver by inserting it under the gap. Detach the cross screw with the cross-tip screwdriver, and set parts aside.

Pry the door panel or remove torque screws and bolts detach the door cable, if necessary, and raise the panel off the door, watching for a coil to fall. Depress the tabs on the switch to remove it, noting the wire connections, and being careful not to damage wires.

Install the New Switch

Find the parts number in your vehicle, and buy the right replacement switch, or take the old one with you. Compare the new and old switches to make certain they are the same sized. Use a rag and electrical cleaner to wipe the wire harness.

Snap the new switch in place, connect the harness, and secure the locking tabs. Reconnect the door panel, if needed.

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