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Understanding Car Issues

3 Things To Know About Working A Fleet Job

by Micheal Barrett

A fleet job is an automotive repair job where you work on fleet of vehicles. For example, you may work for a shipping company and focus on taking care of their vehicles, or you could work for a beverage distributor and work on all of their vehicles, from passenger vehicles to semi-trucks. With fleet jobs, you are generally responsible for a wide range of vehicles for a particular company. It is like being a personal mechanic.

Need to Have Mechanical Training

If you want to get a fleet job, you need to have mechanical training. There are lots of ways that you can get mechanical training. You can attend a trade school where you are trained in the art of being a mechanic, or you can gain experience under a mentorship program. Once you complete your training, there are nationally recognized tests that you can take that demonstrate your proficiency with different types of mechanical repairs. You can take these tests regardless of your educational background, so if you have a lot of at-home or mentorship training experience, you can still take these tests to prove that you have the knowledge and know-how to work on vehicles.

If you want to be hired to work for on a fleet for a specific company, do a little research into the type of mechanics they need to hire. Do they need mechanics with experience working on semi-trucks or mechanics with experience working on European vehicles? You can use this information to pursues a little specialized training that will help give you an advantage.

Get Real Life Experience

Next, if you want to work on a company's fleet, some real life experience helps. See if you can get hired on at a local mechanic shop or oil shop as you pursue applications within the fleet field. Any experience you have can help you boost your resume and your chances of getting hired.

Look For Jobs In The Right Places

As you pursue your job search, make sure that you are looking for jobs in the right places. There are a few websites that you can use that are dedicated directly towards connecting qualified employees with fleet service jobs. Another way to find and pursue fleet service jobs is by looking to see if the specific companies that you want to work with are hiring fleet drivers.

If you want to secure a fleet job, make sure that you take national certification tests to back up your knowledge and skills as a mechanic, and work towards gaining the experience you need to make your application stand out when you find the right fleet job to apply for.