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Understanding Car Issues

Three Types Of Car Window Tinting

by Micheal Barrett

Tinting your car windows can be done for a variety of different reasons, from altering the appearance of your vehicle to something more aesthetically pleasing to increasing the amount of privacy that you have while driving. No matter what you want to accomplish, you will still need to choose between a variety of different types of auto glass tinting. Understanding the differences between the range of car window tinting options available on the market can help you choose the one that is the best fit for your needs.

Dyed Window Tints

Dyed window tints are a type of film that is dyed to a certain level of opaqueness that is applied onto your car windows. They can be mass produced, are easily installed, and are the most common type of window tint available on the market due to their low price point and the fact that they can be dyed to any level, allowing you to achieve a near-full tint which provides a cleaner aesthetic than the other variants below. However, dyed window tints are not very durable, and may need to be replaced every few months as they physically wear.

Clear Window Tints

As the name would suggest, clear window tinting is less about altering the vision into or out of your vehicle. Clear window tints are not as dark as their other two counterparts listed here, allowing you to maintain clear vision while driving and still enjoy natural light throughout the day. However, clear window tints will still filter out UV radiation, which can help prevent your skin from becoming damaged or burned if you spend a great deal of time in your car. By blocking out UV radiation, they will also help keep the interior of your car cooler naturally.

Metallic Window Tint

Metallic window tints are made out of a window film that has slim metal woven into it. This makes these window tints more reflective than their dyed and clear counterparts and will provide a greater degree of heat reduction when compared to either of them. The metal within the film also makes metallic window tinting much more durable, so it won't wear away with time and usage as quickly, reducing maintenance and repair. However, metallic window tints do cost more than other types of car window tinting, which means that they are not the best choice for the vehicle owner under a budget, or if you are considering changing your car at any point in the near future. Further, metallic window tints are not as dark as dyed window tints, reducing the amount of privacy that they provide.

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