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Understanding Car Issues

2 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Used Truck

by Micheal Barrett

If you are looking for a used vehicle, you may decide that you would like to purchase a pickup truck this time instead of a car. However, if this is your first truck, you may not know exactly where to start with the selection process. If so, ask yourself the following questions to discern how you will be using the truck so you can find out what fits those needs.

1. In What Type of Road and Weather Conditions Will You Be Driving?

The first question you should ask yourself before deciding on the type of pickup truck you should buy is about the conditions in which you will be driving. Will you typically be driving on pavement in fairly decent weather? Or, do you need to drive muddy, snow-covered roads where you may get stuck?

If you will usually be driving in good conditions, you can probably get by with a truck with small tires with two-wheel drive. However, if you will regularly be exposed to conditions where you may have problems navigating the terrain, a four-wheel drive truck that accommodates large tires would be the better option.

2. Will You Need the Truck for Hauling or Towing?

The next thing you should ask yourself is how you will be using the truck. Will you be primarily hauling only groceries home from the store? Or, will you be using your truck for work where you have to transport heavy materials or tools? Will you be using your truck to tow a car or materials trailer?

If you will only be using your truck for everyday purposes, a light- to medium-weight pickup with a short bed will most likely serve your general needs. However, if you plan to tow a trailer, either of these weights will not have enough power to do the job.

However, if you will be hauling anything heavy on a regular basis and towing a trailer, you will need to select a heavy-duty truck that has a reinforced frame and tow bar. You should also select a truck with an extended bed to accommodate any materials you may need to transport.

After you have a clearer picture of what type of truck will serve your needs, you can start shopping around. For more guidance on making the selection, ask a dealer through a service that sells used trucks, such as pre-owned Chevrolet vehicles, about their recommendations after explaining to them what you are looking for.