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Understanding Car Issues

The Importance Of Professional Stone Chip Repair Services For Autoglass

by Micheal Barrett

Besides providing clear visibility when driving, a vehicle's auto glass protects you from elements like wind and rain. Windshields are the most vulnerable parts of any vehicle and can slightly crack when hit by debris or pebbles when driving at high speed, causing stone chips. The problem is prevalent if you drive on gravel roads or near a construction site. The pebbles or debris can also come from other vehicles, especially trucks carrying loads. That's why it's crucial to seek professional stone chip repair services when you see cracks on windshields and other glasses. Here are a few benefits you stand to gain by doing so.

Prevent Further Damage

Although it may appear as small cracks on the windshield, it's easy for the stone chips to escalate and damage the entire panel if you don't act quickly, especially when exposed to sudden temperature changes. An immediate stone chip repair prevents the damage from spreading. The technician fills the chip with a resin that hardens almost immediately, bonding with the glass to repair the damage. However, they may recommend a replacement if the damage is extensive. 

Save Money in the Long Run

Although you may ignore stone chips, especially when they're only a few, failure to repair them immediately could become costly in the long run. Stone chip repairs are inexpensive than replacing the entire panel. A quick stone chip repair also ensures you don't wait hours to use your vehicle again. 

Maintain the Resale Value

Your vehicle might be in excellent condition, but stone chips might make it appear older and unkempt. A timely stone chip repair helps to maintain the vehicle's appearance. Potential buyers are attracted to a well-maintained vehicle with no visible damage, commanding a higher price than a damaged vehicle. Potential buyers inspect even the slightest damages to find a negotiation angle to drive the price down. Immediate stone chip repair eliminates this problem, allowing you to get the price your vehicle deserves.

Ensure Safe Driving

It's impossible to see clearly when driving with a damaged windshield, especially in bad weather or at night. Cracked or damaged windshield results in glare or distortion, impeding your vision, which may result in accidents. Driving in this condition puts you and other motorists in collision danger, something you can avoid by having the stone chips repaired. Waiting too long to repair stone chips lead to cracks that allow elements like wind and rain to enter the vehicle, causing discomfort and poor concentration when driving. 


Stone chips might appear small and insignificant at the start but could result in costly and dangerous damages if you don't repair them soon. From protecting the windshield's integrity to saving money in the long run, there are many benefits of repairing these small damages on time.

Contact a professional if you need help with stone chip repair services.