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Understanding Car Issues

4 Tips That Will Help Take Care Of Your Transmission

by Micheal Barrett

Your transmission is an expensive piece of equipment on your vehicle that you need to make sure that you take care of. There are specific things that you can do that will ensure that your transmission stays in good shape and does not break down. 

Use Your Emergency Brake

You should actually use your emergency brake. Whenever you park your vehicle on an incline, you should use the emergency brake. Using the emergency brake when you park on an incline will reduce stress on your transmission and help protect it from wear and tear.

Don't Spin Your Tires

When you drive, do not show off. You should not spin your tires just for fun. Doing high performance starts, where you rev up your engine and spin your tires, will put unnecessary stress on your transmission. You should only spin your tires in an emergency situation, which really shouldn't come up at all or that often. 

Don't Rock Your Vehicle

You should not rock your vehicle when you get stuck. Many people try to rock their vehicle when it gets stuck in either mud or ice. Doing this will put unnecessary strain on your engine. When your vehicle is stuck, you are going to want to wait until your vehicle is not moving before you switch to the next gear. This will help ensure that you don't ruin your transmission just because you are stuck in the mud or the ice. 

Let Your Vehicle Warm Up

It is still a good idea to let your vehicle warm up when it is cold outside. This is especially true when the temperatures are below freezing. When it is really cold outside, start your vehicle a few minutes before you need to leave. If you have a remote start, use your remote start to allow your vehicle to warm up for a few minutes. Allowing your vehicle time to warm up will help warm up not only the interior of your vehicle, but it will also allow the fluids inside of your engine and transmission time to warm up and get flowing. 

Your transmission is one of the most important and expensive parts of your vehicle to replace if you don't take care of it properly. Use your emergency brake when you park on an incline, don't do high performance starts, don't rock your vehicle when it is stuck and let your vehicle warm up when its cold outside. 

Make sure that you also have your mechanic check your vehicle on a regular basis and keep your transmission full of the right fluid. For more information, contact companies like AC Transmission Centers North.