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Understanding Car Issues

Two Signs Your Brakes Need To Be Repaired

by Micheal Barrett

Experts recommend people have their brakes inspected at once every six months when they have their tires rotated. However, determining when brakes actually need to be repaired can be more challenging, since how fast your brakes wear out is determined by your driving habits. If you're not sure your brakes need to replaced, here are two ways you can tell.

The Car Pulls to One Side

One sign there's an issue with your brakes is if your vehicle pulls to the left or right whenever you stop. While this can be caused by uneven tire pressure, most of the time, this type of problem is an indicator that either the brake pads have worn out or more serious damage has occurred in your braking system.

For instance, your brakes encompass more than just the pads and rotors. Brake calipers act as clamps that apply friction to the rotor to make the vehicle stop, while brake hoses supply fluid to help keep the machinery properly lubricated and function smoothly. A vehicle that pulls to the side during stops can indicate that either a brake hose has collapsed or one of the calipers has gotten stuck in either an open or closed position.

The only way you can really tell which part is causing the problem is to have the braking system inspected by a professional. These issues can make your vehicle dangerous to drive, since you may have difficulty stopping, so it's best to get them repair as soon as possible.

It Takes Longer for the Vehicle to Stop

Another good sign that your brakes need some attention is when it starts taking longer for your vehicle to come to a complete stop. This typically occurs when there isn't enough friction being applied to the rotor to make the car or truck stop within a safe amount of time. A problem like this can develop slowly over time or suddenly, depending on the source of the issue.

The most common cause of longer stopping time are worn brake pads. These parts should be replaced when they reach 3 millimeters in thickness. Letting brakes pads degrade more than this can eventually lead to the calipers grinding directly against the rotors, and the metal-on-metal connection can make it difficult for the vehicle to stop in the right amount of time.

Another cause of longer stopping time is low levels of brake fluid, which results in lower amounts of pressure. Since your brakes function using a hydraulic pressure system, letting fluid levels get to low will eventually cause the brakes to fail completely.

You can typically check your brake fluid yourself if the storage tank is in an accessible area. Otherwise, it's best to take your vehicle to a repair shop for inspection and maintenance.

For more information about detecting when brakes need to be replaced, contact a local auto repair shop, like Furgersons Garage.