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Understanding Car Issues

3 Ways To Take Great Care Of Your Turbo Engine

by Micheal Barrett

Many more specialized models of vehicles, such as sports vehicles, come with turbo engines. Turbo engines are designed to give you an extra boost when you need or want to drive a little faster. They put more power under the hood and under your foot. If you just purchased a vehicle with a turbocharge engine, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your engine stays in the best shape possible.

Stay On Top of Oil Changes

One of the best, and most tried and true, ways to take care of your engine is to make sure that you stay on top of oil changes. Most turbo engines require the use of synthetic oil, which is great at protecting your engine against damage from high temperatures that are a regular part of having a turbo engine. Synthetic oil is designed to work for a greater number of miles than traditional oil, so you should be able to get more miles between each oil change. However, the ultimate authority on how often your oil needs to be changed should always be your owner's manual.

Let Your Vehicle Warm Up

Try to start your vehicle and allow it to run for a few minutes before you hit the road. When you hit the road, drive for a couple minutes before engaging the turbo. Allow your vehicle to warm up and drive for a few minutes before you use your turbo will allow the oil inside of your vehicle to warm up. The oil in your vehicle will work best, and support your turbo engine the best, once it has warmed up a little bit.

Find The Right Cruising Spot

When driving at high speeds, such as on the freeway, try to find the right cruising spot so you are using as little gas as possible while enjoying the turbo boost from your engine. You can do this by letting off your gas and waiting until your speed actually drops. When you see your speed drop, gently touch the gas until you get back to your ideal speed. That is all the pressure you need to put on your gas pedal.

Driving with a turbo engine doesn't mean you are always flooring your vehicle. You should be able to maintain high speeds with a light touch that doesn't drain your gas tank.

If you just got a turbocharge engine, make sure that you use synthetic oil and get the oil changed on time. When driving your vehicle, remember that you don't need to be heavy on the gas, and allow your engine time to warm up, as well as cool down. Following these three simple pieces of advice will allow you to get the most power and usage out of your new turbo engine. 

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