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Understanding Car Issues

2 Reasons Not To Use A Can Of Top-Up Coolant To Refill Your Car's Air Conditioner

by Micheal Barrett

Lately, you may have noticed that your car's AC is no longer blowing cold air out of the vents. Because of this, you may have come to the conclusion that it needs coolant and have decided to try to refill it with a top-up can.

However, you should think twice about recharging your car's air-conditioning system with one of these cans of top-up coolant. There are a couple of reasons why this is not a good idea for broken AC repair.

1. Increased Risk of Leakage, Especially if Low Coolant Is Not the Real Issue With the System

One reason why you should forego the attempt to recharge your car's AC with a can of top-up coolant is that there is an increased risk of leakage. If the coolant is low, the underlying issue with its decreased level may mean that there is already a hole present in the lines or broken seals around the compressor.

If you push the pressurized coolant into the system that is already leaking, you may end up with a worse leak than before. Also, since you will be in close proximity to the air conditioner, you would be exposed to toxic fumes as they escape through the holes. You should instead have a professional fully inspect the AC system before they recharge it to see if any repairs need to be done.

2. Increased Risk of Adding the Incorrect Amount as Well as Mixing the Old and New Coolant

Another reason why you should have a professional refill the car's air conditioner instead of using a top-up can is that there is a risk that you will add too much or too little, which would result in uneven pressure. You would also be mixing old and new coolant, which could also affect the pressure because the old will have a lower density than the new.

The system is designed to run efficiently with a specific amount of coolant pressure. If the pressure is too low, the compressor will not properly cool the air. If too high, the pressure could cause a hole or break the seal.

Along with an increased risk of toxic fume leakage, adding the incorrect amount, and mixing old and new coolant, another important reason why you should not refill your car's air-conditioning yourself is that it is typically against the law to do so. Many states require that someone with the proper certifications deal with car AC coolant and make repairs on the system. Take your vehicle to an auto service that offers broken AC repair services in your area instead of trying to fix or recharge it yourself.