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Understanding Car Issues

What A Vehicle Owner Should Know About Bad Tires

by Micheal Barrett

Do you know that the tires on your vehicle are in bad shape but continue to drive each day? Depending on what is wrong with the tires, you are putting yourself at risk of causing a collision. If the tires only need more air, there is a lower risk of causing a collision than if the tires have punctures in the rubber. However, you should keep in mind that there are still risks involved with driving with flat tires, such as a decrease in the ability to handle your vehicle. No matter what might be wrong with your tires, it is important to get the tires replaced or repaired as soon as possible. 

Bad Tires Do Not Always Need to Be Replaced

Before buying new tires for your vehicle, get the tires examined by a professional. The reason is that a repair might be all that is needed, especially if the tires are not old. For example, if there are punctures in several tires due to driving on a rocky dirt road, the punctures can possibly be repaired if the rubber is in overall good condition. However, if the tread has worn down and your tires are punctured, you need to get new tires installed on your vehicle. You should stop driving your vehicle until the tires are replaced if the tread has completely worn down.

Do Not Take the Risk of Having a Blowout

If you have been driving your vehicle with bald tires, there is the risk of having a blowout. The reason is due to the rubber being too thin and the tires having an increased risk of popping. There is also an increased risk for a blowout if there are punctures in the tires from driving over nails, rocks, and other types of debris. After tires get old, the rubber can become cracked, which increases the risk of a blowout as well. Other than causing bad tires to blow out, damage can also be done to the wheels and cause your vehicle to become misaligned.

Bad Tires Should Be Repaired by Professionals

When you are ready to get your tires repaired, be cautious about who is hired for the job. If tires are not repaired properly, there will still be a risk of causing a collision. Be sure to take your vehicle to a professional tire repair shop so the proper steps will be taken to bring the tires back to good condition. Professionals will also let you know if it is wiser to replace the damaged tires.

Contact a local tire repair shop to learn more.