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Understanding Car Issues

Automotive Ceramic Window Tint Supplies You'll Need To Apply Ceramic Film To Vehicle Windows

by Micheal Barrett

If you're planning to offer window tinting to your business or you just want to add tint to your own vehicles, you'll need to stock up on tint film and the supplies needed to apply it. Here's a look at the important tools you'll need to apply the window tint.

Cleaning Supplies: Sprayer, Razor, And Squeegee

The glass has to be clean before you begin working with the film. It's a good idea to invest in a squeegee so you can remove water and debris from the glass. You may also want lint-free cloths so you can scrub the glass to get rid of stuck-on debris and then dry the glass thoroughly. You may even need a razor blade to get the glass surface as clean as possible.

Make sure the glass is clean or the debris left behind could cause ripples that affect the appearance of the film.

Application Supplies: Hard Card And Heat Gun

Window film has to be cut to the size of the window. The first step is to use a spray bottle to get the window glass wet so the film can be slid around on it and stay on without falling off. You might purchase spray to use, but you can also make your own with water and a tiny amount of soap. Use the spray bottle to soak the window and then apply a sheet of film to the glass. You'll want to buy a razor too to trim around the edges of the glass to cut it to size. Once that's done, you can take the film off and set it aside so you can peel off the backing.

When you apply the film to the glass for permanent application, you'll want a heat gun and a hard card. Position the film in place and then use the card to smooth out the bubbles so the film is perfectly flat. The heat gun is used to soften the film so that it can stick well to curves in the back glass. When the film is in place, you can use a razor or a file to finish the edges.

Kits: Contain Basic And Premium Supplies

You can find window tint kits that contain the supplies you need for putting on window film. Buying a kit is handy since it contains everything you need and may not even realize you need until you're applying the film. You can buy a basic kit that has the supplies needed for cleaning and applying the film or deluxe kits that contain different varieties of razors, hard cards, squeegees, and aids so you can have the optimal tool for working on glass of different shapes and sizes.

While you can buy the ceramic window tint supplies you need in a kit, you'll have to buy the film separately. You can buy it on rolls or pre-cut sections, and you'll have a choice in the darkness of the tint you can buy.