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When I began thinking more seriously about car issues, it occurred to me that there were a few things I needed to do if I wanted to make things easier for myself in the long run. For starters, I began taking my car in for regular auto service, which really helped out. It was really interesting to see how many different things had to be fixed every time I went in, but when my car didn't have as many problems, I could tell that it was really paying off. This website is all about understanding and preventing car problems by making better choices.



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Understanding Car Issues

Things You Should Know When It Is Time For Repair And Service For Your Import Car

by Micheal Barrett

Owning an imported car can come with some challenges when it is time to make repairs or service the vehicle. An auto service shop is often a good choice for your car but may not always be essential for basic repairs and maintenance. Understanding when to take your car to a dealer or dedicated shop is vital, and there are some things that you should know when making that choice.

General Service

Maintenance is essential with any vehicle, but on some imports, you may need to consider the parts necessary when considering where to take your vehicle. If the maintenance will require replacement parts, it is often a good idea to use factory replacement parts that may only be available through a dealership or a repair shop. 

If you don't need parts for the service, or if you can use aftermarket items like an oil filter made by a third party, you may not need an auto repair shop or dealer to do the work, and you may save some money using a local service center. 

Some things are necessary to maintain the warranty on new cars, so check with the dealer if you are unsure. If the part you are servicing is on recall, you will not know that by taking the care to a general service center, but the repair shop will check before they start the service. 

Major Repairs

When you need a major repair for your car, taking the vehicle to a repair shop with factory-certified technicians is essential. The techs working in the shop have specific training for the car and its systems to ensure the repairs are correct. 

This can add longevity and durability to the vehicle, giving you some peace of mind when you are on the road. If you need a new engine, a transmission, or another major component, using a repair shop for your car is often the best way to ensure you get the best parts possible and the highest quality repairs. 

Repair Warranties

Most auto repair shops offer a warranty for any work they perform on a vehicle, but many specialty or dealer-based shops are backed by a factory warranty when they use factory or OEM replacement parts to complete the service or repairs on your car. Using a repair shop that offers this additional coverage can be essential for drivers that spend a lot of time on the road and need to be sure their car is dependable. 

If you have a repair on your car that fails when you are away from home, having the ability to take the car to another repair shop and get it resolved can be beneficial. Contact an auto shop that provides services such as VW auto services to learn more.