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Understanding Car Issues

2 Ideas For Remodeling Your Old RV To Make It More Energy Efficient

by Micheal Barrett

Before heading out on your next road trip, you may have decided that you wish to update your old RV to make it more modern and comfortable. You may already have the design scheme planned as well as know what engine upgrades you will need.

While you are making your plans to remodel the vehicle, you may want to think about what you can do to save gas and minimize the strain on the battery. Below are a couple of ideas for remodeling your old RV to make it more energy efficient.

1. Replace Old, Heavy Furniture with Sleeker, Lighter Pieces to Reduce the Overall Weight of the RV

One thing that you should consider when trying to make your old RV more energy efficient is replacing the old, heavy furniture during the remodel. When you have older pieces that weigh a lot, the extra weight will put higher demands on the engine, making it use more gas.

However, if you switch out the pieces for furniture that is sleeker and lighter, the overall weight of the RV will be reduced. This will then help reduce the demand on the engine and help you save money on fuel.

2. Switch Out the Appliances for Modern Ones with Higher Energy-efficiency Ratings or for Solar Hybrids

Another way you can help make your RV more energy efficient while reducing the strain on the battery is to switch out the old appliances. Especially in older models, the appliances do not have a high-efficiency rating and will draw a lot of amps from the battery.

However, if you replace these old appliances with RV-specific ones that have a higher efficiency rating, it will reduce the strain on the battery. This could be further reduced if you opt for appliances that are solar hybrids, which can run off the battery or solar energy.

While you are making plans to remodel your RV, include things that can help reduce the amount of gas it needs as well as minimize the strain on the battery. Replace heavy furniture pieces with lighter ones to reduce the overall weight of the RV to increase its fuel efficiency, and opt for high-efficiency appliances or hybrids that can work off solar power to conserve the battery. For more ideas as well as help with making the changes you want, contact a business that offers RV remodeling services to speak with a representative.