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Understanding Car Issues

When I began thinking more seriously about car issues, it occurred to me that there were a few things I needed to do if I wanted to make things easier for myself in the long run. For starters, I began taking my car in for regular auto service, which really helped out. It was really interesting to see how many different things had to be fixed every time I went in, but when my car didn't have as many problems, I could tell that it was really paying off. This website is all about understanding and preventing car problems by making better choices.



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Understanding Car Issues

    Having Problems With Your Car's AC? Fix Them Here

    If you're suddenly having multiple problems with your car's air conditioner, find an auto technician soon. The car's air conditioning system could have water inside it. Water can cause a host of problems for your vehicle's cooling system, including failure. Learn more about the problems in your car's AC and how to fix them below. What's Wrong With Your Car's AC? If you live in a hot or temperate climate, you may use your car's AC most of the year to keep cool.

    Automotive Services: Ways To Tell That Your Vehicle Has Starter Issues

    The car starter is an electronic motor that cranks your engine whenever you turn your car keys on. It features a motor that's fitted to a solenoid. The role of the solenoid is to transfer power from the battery to the vehicle starter motor. Over time your car starter is bound to experience wear and tear that may lead to its failure. However, some warning indicators will point to a looming problem before the starter breaks down.

    3 Severe Problems A Brake Inspection Can Uncover

    The purpose of a brake inspection is to ensure that your car's brakes are operating correctly and have a sufficient amount of friction material remaining. While it's critical to understand how much life remains on your brake pads, other problems may be lurking under the surface. Even if you still have thousands of miles before your next brake change, an inspection can be illuminating. While there are many components and potential failure points in a modern car's braking system, these are three of the most common (and severe) problems that a technician might discover during an inspection.

    When Does It Make Sense to Keep Using Conventional Oil Instead of Switching to Synthetic?

    Unless your car has been specifically manufactured to use synthetic oil, you'll be able to choose either synthetic or conventional oil when you take it in for an oil change. Synthetic oil does a much better job at protecting your car's engine. It goes through a refining process that ensures all of the oil molecules have the exact same size. Conventional oil has molecules of varying sizes due to the fact that it's a natural petroleum product with very little refining, with some being larger and some being smaller than the molecules you'll find in synthetic oil.

    4 Signs That Your Vehicle Needs An Auto Mechanic

    When your vehicle suffers some mechanical breakdown, its efficiency decreases and you start experiencing inconveniences on the road. Even the best vehicle models suffer from wear and tear over time. Even new vehicles suffer from these breakdowns sometimes, which is why you need a keen eye for signs of vehicle problems. Here are some of the subtle indicators that your vehicle might be damaged and in need of repairs.  You Notice Oil and Fluid Leaks

    Signs The The Exhaust System On Your Car Needs Attention

    The exhaust system under your car or truck is designed to remove the exhaust gases from the engine safely away from the vehicle's passenger compartment. The system will also quiet the noise of the exhaust exiting the engine, but when it is damaged or rusted, you may need to schedule professional exhaust system repairs to keep it working properly. Exhaust Gases The primary concern with exhaust gases is the danger they pose to people riding in your car if the exhaust system is not tight.

    What Factors Affect Your Automatic Transmission Service Intervals?

    Servicing your automatic transmission will help it last for many hundreds of thousands of miles. A reliable and well-maintained transmission may even outlast the rest of your vehicle, helping you keep your car for a long while and avoiding a potentially budget-burning repair. Unfortunately, you may be less familiar with servicing and maintaining your transmission than your engine. While your car's engine has quite a few serviceable parts, your transmission only has two that you need to worry about: the filter and the fluid.

    2 Reasons Not To Use A Can Of Top-Up Coolant To Refill Your Car's Air Conditioner

    Lately, you may have noticed that your car's AC is no longer blowing cold air out of the vents. Because of this, you may have come to the conclusion that it needs coolant and have decided to try to refill it with a top-up can. However, you should think twice about recharging your car's air-conditioning system with one of these cans of top-up coolant. There are a couple of reasons why this is not a good idea for broken AC repair.